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A Squash’s Journey: From The Shelf To The Hungry : NPR

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By , June 24th, 2011 10:10am


Walmart store manager Emily Bowman notices some yellow squash with brown spots — and takes about 40 off the shelves and puts them on a donation cart.  [Pam Fessler/NPR]

A Great story about what food banks across the country are doing with our Store Donation Program partners like Walmart, Dillons, Sams Club, and Target (the list goes on and on).  This program, and the amazing support of these grocers, make it possible for our agencies across the state to feed 10s of thousands of our fellow Kansans.  Thanks to them, for all they do to help us in the fight to end hunger!

“Americans waste an estimated 150 billion pounds of food a year — much of it from grocery stores. Now Wal-Mart and the nation’s food bank network are trying to reverse that trend. To see how the system is going, NPR followed squash and corn from Walmart’s shelves to a food bank to those who need it.”

Listen to the Story: A Squash’s Journey: From The Shelf To The Hungry : NPR