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A Thank You to Our Staff

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By , October 5th, 2012 9:17am

It’s hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner. We are starting to see the hustle and bustle of activity with many different food and fund drives kicking off. Everywhere you look in the warehouse there is something going on.

I am always amazed when I stop and think about the commitment our team has in making a difference for so many families. Each and every one of our staff members believes in and supports our mission. I see this in action every day.

From the drivers that start their routes before the sun is up, to the warehouse crew who will cut their lunch short just to make sure an agency is taken care of, the office staff that push numbers and paper guaranteeing food gets where it needs to go, and a management team that pulls it all together, your Kansas Food Bank Warehouse of 20 staffers go above and beyond making sure that the families we set out to help are helped.
We just keep moving forward in the fight against hunger. The level of activity that happens here is steady and keeps growing. Food is being sorted, orders are being packed. Trucks come in, trucks go out. All of us together strive for one common goal, to ensure our friends and neighbors do not go hungry.

In closing, I must send out a heartfelt thanks to the team here at your Kansas Food Bank, and ask that you do too.

Brian Walker, President & CEO