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A Volunteer on a Mission

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Volunteers come to us every day. Everyone has a different reason for volunteering and everyone has a story. Recently, we had a lady in by the name of Mary who popped into the food bank and told us she wanted to help for a couple hours. She was passing through town and had a friend who grew up in Kansas, so what better place to stop than the Kansas Food Bank and pack some Food 4 Kids backpacks! Mary is from Blacksburg, VA and is recently retired as an elementary school librarian. Mary set out on her journey to see a friend in Bozeman, MT. Along the way she decided to see where this adventure would take her. She had already made up her mind she wanted this trip to be spiritual and about helping others. And she has done just that. Her travels have taken her to a Mormon church in Portland, MI where she weeded a community garden, to the Fine Arts Festival where she volunteered in Bismarck, ND. After leaving Wichita, Mary was headed to the Heifer Village Project in Little Rock, AR to spend time there. Mary’s travel and story was an inspiration to all of us here at the Kansas Food Bank. We were honored she shared her time with us.