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Hunger Study Underway!

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We are in the process of completing the 2014 Hunger in America study with Feeding America.

This study, conducted every 4 years, is the largest study of its kind and produces the very best data on hunger in America and the impact it has on real families and their day-to-day lives. The study is done by all 202 food banks across the country, and this year involves over 45,000 hunger relief agencies (pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, etc.).

The first phase of the study involves the completion of a very comprehensive survey by each of those agencies, gathering important information about how they operate, the services they provide in their communities, and the impact they have on families. We are proud to announce that we were in the top 8 food banks nationally who had 100% of their agencies complete this survey on-time, preparing us to move on to the next phase later this year.

Phase two involves volunteers going out across the state and interviewing clients at our agencies to ask them about hunger and how it’s impacted their family, and how agencies and the Food Bank are helping them to feed their family. If you are interested in being one of these volunteers, please contact us and ask to talk to Denise, our Hunger Study Coordinator at 265-3663.

Hunger Study Volunteer Signup

Visit the Hunger Stats page to see the results of the 2010 Hunger Study.