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Laid Off Workers Get Free Food

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By Kara Sewell, KWCH-TV, November 5, 2009

Outside Wichita’s Help Center for laid off workers sits a moveable feast.  One-hundred fifty boxes of food, which one at a time will be given away.

Laid off nearly a year ago, Denise Welliver says she is struggling to get by. Welliver came by the laid off workers center to get help with her utility bills, as she leaves the foodbank gives her two boxes of food for her family. Not having to buy food, allows Welliver to spend what income she does have on other needs, like holiday shopping.

Kansas Food Bank President Brian Walker says at one time many of the people needing their services were now were actually donors. As laid off numbers grew, the Kansas Food Bank set up outside the laid off workers center.

People who come to the center for financial help, leave with a free box of food. Walker says he knows it’s not enough food to get people through the month but hopefully its enough to get them through the rough parts.

Jimmy Grant says the experience is humbling but he doesn’t have another choice. With four kids and no job prospects, he says the boxes of food are one of the few things he can count on.

People at the Kansas Food Bank say are in it for the long haul and people like Grant say they are grateful.

KWCH will join the Kansas Food Bank for the Harvest of Hope Live Drive this weekend, November 7th during Eyewitness News Saturday Morning.