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DRAFT: Final will be one language per page and more compact. More languages as needed. And, we’ll get specific human verified translations (these are all just translated with Google Translate for testing).

Welcome to the Neighbor Communicator. This site is meant to help aid English-only speakers performing neighbor intake in other languages. Please report any errors so we can correct them.

Helpful Phrases

Good morning

Thank you

Please keep your card out



I don’t understand


Spanish Numbers

Vietnamese Numbers

French Numbers

Household Composition

Including yourself, how many people live in your house?

Including yourself, how many senior citizens live in your house?

How many children live in your house?


Do you have something with your address printed on it?

What is your street address?

What is your ZIP code?

Contact Information

May I have your cell phone number?

Is it OK for me to contact your at this cell phone number?

What is your ZIP code?


This is a notice that is timed and will display according to schedule


Scheduled to stop display on 5/5 at 4:18 p.m.

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