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Website maps hunger hotspots

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By , April 20th, 2010 2:11pm


The USDA is making a a vast amount of information regarding food and hunger in the United States available online. Drawing on federal government data as well as marketing information used by the food industry, USDA’s Food Environment Atlas displays the information in easy to use maps that reveal trends about Americans eating behaviors, experiences with hunger, access to grocery stores and usage of government food assistance programs. The map shown here reveals the number average number per day of free summer meals served to children in Kansas. The areas shaded light pink represents parts of  the state where NOT ONE SINGLE CHILD received a free summer meal in 2001, the year the data was gathered. According to the Food Atlas site, 76 of Kansas’ 105 counties had no summer food program that year. The Kansas Department of Education reports this number was down to 56 by last year. Though the summer food map shows 2001 data, much of the Food Atlas information is as recent as 2008 and 2009. Explore it for yourself at http://ers.usda.gov/foodatlas/.