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Cash feeds more than cans

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By , December 1st, 2009 9:01am

whygivemoneySeveral canned food drives are currently underway. The Kansas Food Bank is deeply grateful to the many individuals and small business who help promote our cause by sponsoring these food drives!

But every now and then we think it’s helpful to remind potential donors how many more people we can feed when you give cash instead.

 As the illustration demonstrates, $1 spent at the grocery store buys $1’s worth of food. But when that same dollar is donated to the Kansas Food Bank, we can draw on our food distribution networks to provide a much larger amount of food. This is why we can say that your donated dollar will provide 3.5 meals to hungry Kansans.

For this reason, we encourage people to consider sending checks, making a credit card donation online,  or using our Virtual Food Drive option. To conduct a virtual food drive, you simply email this link to your friends, family and colleagues with a personal message about why you think they should support the Kansas Food Bank. If you want to know who has responded to your Virtual Food Drive, just contact us  before you send out your email and we will set up tracking for you.