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What CAN you do to help? 30 ways in 30 days!

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September is Hunger Action Month.  Here is a list of 30 things that you CAN do to help!

1.  I can pack backpacks.
2.  I can collect food.
3.  I can join the Food Bank on September 3rd for the Hunger Action Month awareness event.
4.  I can raise awareness.
5.  I can spread the word.
6.  I can volunteer at the Kansas Food Bank.
7.  I can organize a food drive.
8.  I can bring extra produce from my garden to Plant a Row.
9.  I can sponsor a child for a year thru NoMoreHungryKids.org.
10.  I can become a fan of the Kansas Food Bank on Facebook.
11.  I can help the Boy Scouts with their food drive on September 11th.
12.  I can follow the Food Bank on Twitter.
13.  I can become a hunger advocate.
14.  I can volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry.
15.  I can tell others about the problem of hunger. 
16.  I can take the hunger action pledge www.hungeractionmonth.org
17.  I can encourage 5 friends to take the hunger action pledge.
18.  I can help end hunger.
19.  I can “Buy one, get one free” and donate that item to the Kansas Food Bank.
20.  I can ask my coworkers to donate $5 to the Kansas Food Bank.
21.  I can learn how hunger affects Kansas.
22.  I can bring the extra non-perishable food from my cabinets to the Kansas Food Bank.
23.  I can sign up for the Kansas Food Bank newsletter at www.kansasfoodbank.org.
24.  I can bring a sack lunch to work and donate what I would spend out on a meal.
25.  I can for one day, live on a Food Stamp budget.
26.  I can ask my employer to do a match on what I donate to the Kansas Food Bank.
27.  I can pledge to always have an awareness of what “food insecurity” means.
28.  I can help to end hunger all year long and not just today.
29.  I can donate money.
30.  I CAN make a difference!