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You Fuel Our Kansas Future!

Dear Friend,

The school year has wound down across Kansas, which means, together with friends like you, we are ramping up our efforts to ensure every Kansan has access to nutritious food this summer.

Thousands of local students rely on school meals, which means families will be left to make up the difference now that schools are beginning to break for three long months.

As you can imagine, it’s not an easy task to make up for meals with budgets that are already tight and food prices that are already so high.

That’s why I couldn’t be more grateful for partners like you. Your generosity has already been hard at work, making sure our partners and programs are prepared to meet the increased need for food across Kansas this summer.

In this summer issue of Seeds of Hope, I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from just a few of the many neighbors you’ve already paved a path of better health for.

I think you’ll be encouraged to hear Guadalupe’s story (page 8) and how she and her husband are better equipped to provide nutritious food for their four grandkids thanks to your support.

Thank you for joining us today and through every season to give Kansans of all ages the fuel to thrive.


Brian Walker


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