Kansas Food Bank – Rescuing Food, Helping People, Since 1984


Meals Served Last Year

1 in 7

Experiences Hunger

1 in 5

Kansas Children
Experiences Hunger


Kansas Counties
Served by the Kansas Food Bank

Kansas Food Bank Programs

Feeding Families

The Kansas Food Bank is the primary source of food for hundreds of hunger-relief agencies in our 85-county service area.

Feeding Kids

Our child hunger programs are designed to ensure kids have access to kid friendly, healthy foods year round.

Feeding Seniors

All too often a senior will not ask for help and when they finally do, they are embarrassed because they are asking for assistance.

Fresh Produce

Focused on distributing more fresh produce and healthier items.

Mobile Food Pantries

The mobile pantry program helps get food to areas of our state that are under-served or have very limited pantry service.

Mobile Hygiene Pantries

Guests receive a prepacked bag containing laundry detergent, toilet paper, deodorant, shampoo and body wash.

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