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Bob Box Summer 2013 (FB)


Bob Box is the newest program of the Kansas Food Bank targeted at food insecure seniors living in rural Kansas.  The name Bob Box comes in honor of Senator Dole.  Dole is a Kansas hero that our senior population trusts.  He endorsed this program last fall and offered his name to the project as well as made an initial $50,000 gift to start the program.

Kansas seniors face difficult choices on stretched budgets, and food is often the first expense to be cut. Older adults have given so much to our communities throughout their lifetimes, and we must do our part to ensure their needs are met.

Kansans residing in rural areas have limited access to hunger-relief resources due to a lack of infrastructure. Rural seniors living in extreme poverty have almost no means of stocking their kitchens. Our goal is to target these populations, where the need is greatest.

The Bob Box contains supplemental, senior-friendly food items provided through our existing network of donors and suppliers. It is not to be confused with the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), which currently serves many urban and suburban seniors.  Starting the program required no new infrastructure costs to the Kansas Food Bank – we are partnering with local churches, civic and governmental organizations to distribute the boxes.

The cost per box is $20, and we plan to provide this monthly food lifeline to 3 percent of Kansas’ rural senior population living with the greatest need.  Northwest Kansas was the first to receive Bob Boxes.  To date, over 4,000 boxes have been distributed.  In the fall of 2013, we will expand the program to serve Southwest Kansas.

By providing the safety net of nutritious supplemental food items each month, we can bring relief to senior citizens and ensure their “golden years” are just that. All too often in areas like rural Kansas, older adults do not feel comfortable asking for help. The concept behind our senior boxes is offering a hand up, rather than a handout.

Here are some comments we have heard from seniors receiving the Bob Box:

  • Because you have provided this box for me, I am able to purchase my medication and take my medications with food.  Thank you.
  • There were times I simply had to go without.  Bob Dole is a great man to offer help to me.
  • Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without this food box.  It is a blessing.



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