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Ginny Shares Thanks for You

My biggest accomplishment in this life is being a mom,” says Ginny, mother of Lola, 2, Elizabeth, 7, Dakota, 7 and Kale, 15.

It’s with that perspective in mind that Ginny, 35, does all she can to make sure all her children’s needs are met — and why she’s so grateful to friends like you for partnering with her to make that possible.

“I was financially struggling a bit, so we came here,” Ginny says of first visiting the food pantry at Shephard’s Heart, a Kansas Food Bank partner housed in the Rolling Hills Community Church in Wichita. Every other week Shepherd’s Heart picks up an average of 3,500 pounds of food to distribute during their Monday evening pantry.

Recently, Ginny began a new job as a tire mechanic, which she says gives her flexibility to be present for her kids while also bringing in income.

“Being a mechanic is what I love,” Ginny says. “I feel like I’m helping the community.”

Most of all, Ginny enjoys supporting her kids and encouraging each one in whatever endeavors interest them. Together, the family especially enjoys camping and participating in church activities.

Thanks to friends like you and the community of support she has found at Shepherd’s Heart, Ginny has a little extra help making sure each child also has the nutritious food needed to thrive this summer.

“My favorite thing about here is that we’re all family,” Ginny says of the food pantry.

Thank you for partnering with Ginny and so many neighbors to keep nutritious food on everyKansas table!


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