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Summer Hunger Story: Jade & her Mother

Like most 15-year-olds this time of year, Jade is looking forward to summer. She worked hard her freshman year, and she’s ready for free time to recharge before the next school year begins.

But there’s a problem. When school ends , so will the breakfasts and lunches that Jade and thousands more Kansas students count on to keep from going hungry every day.

Jade hasn’t participated in the school meal program for very long. Her mom, Janette, just enrolled her recently, but they’re not used to needing this kind of help. An injury has kept Janette out of work and money is more than a little tight.

Janette has made the most of her recovery time and is studying to become a Registered Nurse so she can make a better life for Jade and not have to rely on assistance from others. But until that happens, she’s having a hard time providing for her daughter.

Thankfully, Jade has received good nutrition through the meal program at school. But when school lets out soon, she’ll have to depend on her mother’s meager savings for the 10 extra meals she’ll be missing out on at school each week… and Janette doesn’t know how much longer her savings will last.

Fortunately for Jade, generous supporters of the Kansas Food Bank help make sure kids like her have enough to eat this summer so they’re ready for new challenges this fall.

That’s because Jade’s mother recently learned there’s food available for parents like her to pick up at New Beginnings, a Partner Agency of the Kansas Food Bank near their home in Wichita. She’s so grateful to be able to get the kinds of healthy foods she needs to provide nourishing meals for Jade this summer, like whole grains, meat and fresh fruits and vegetables.

This food is a huge benefit for Janette. She’ll do anything to ensure Jade has a good life, and she knows that nutrition is key to a successful future.

“It makes a difference,” Janette says, expressing her sincere gratitude for those who give to help struggling mothers like her. “It’s not just about basic necessities – it’s about hope.”

When you’re hungry, food is a transformative thing – a child who has enough to eat is happier, develops properly and is better equipped to tackle challenges at school and in life. By helping a child have access to regular nutritious meals, you’re truly paving the way for her to have a more successful future.


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