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Invest an Acre

ADM, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, and Feeding America have partnered to launch Invest an Acre, a program to encourage farmers across the country to donate one acre or more of crop proceeds to help fight hunger in their own communities.

How does the program work?


Why is the program important?

Farmer Testimony: Len Crozine

How will my donation work?

A check for the sale of grain will be issued to Feeding America and distributed to the Kansas Food Bank, and you will receive a receipt for your charitable contribution.

How much of my donation will benefit the Kansas Food Bank?

100% of your contribution will benefit the Kansas Food Bank when you donate grain through the Invest an Acre program.

How much will my donation help?

On average, every bushel of corn can help secure 18 meals and a bushel of soybeans can help secure up to 40 meals. When you donate a single acre, you are helping thousands of your fellow Kansans to receive a healthy meal.


For more information, visit the Invest an Acre website, or please feel free to contact us.




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