Spirit’s Good Neighbor Fund Supports Healthy Food Initiatives with $100k Gift – Kansas Food Bank

Spirit’s Good Neighbor Fund Supports Healthy Food Initiatives with $100k Gift

For many, many years, Spirit AeroSystems has been vital to the fight against hunger here at the Kansas Food Bank, with support coming not only from their corporate giving and through the annual Spirit of the Harvest fundraiser, but also through the Good Neighbor Fund.

The Good Neighbor Fund is a nonprofit organization funded through voluntary Spirit employee donations, and then governed by an employee-elected board to distribute the funds to our community. The original grant funding approved for the Kansas Food Bank was $85,000 to support our healthy food initiatives. However, the Good Neighbor Fund had additional funds, and we were incredibly honored to be chosen to receive an additional $15,000 to bring the total to $100,000 from the Good Neighbor Fund.

The funds will help the Kansas Food Bank purchase healthier options to distribute to neighbors through our network of partner agencies, including boxes of fresh, mixed produce, low-sodium and low-sugar canned items, whole grain cereals and pastas, along with lean proteins.

“We believe that everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to be healthy. That’s why we promote health equity. Rather than just providing food, we strive to also provide nutrient rich, fresh produce along with other whole grain, low sodium and sugar items to our clients so they can reach their full health potential without the disadvantages stemming from social conditions.”

-Brian Walker, President & CEO Kansas Food Bank

Thank you, Spirit AeroSystems and the Good Neighbor Fund, for your tremendous support year after year, and for these wonderful gifts. To learn more about the Kansas Food Bank’s healthy food initiatives, click here.


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