The Right Place at the Right Time – Kansas Food Bank

The Right Place at the Right Time

Johanne Pachankis recalls a special piece of mail she received at just the right time. It introduced her to the Kansas Food Bank more than a year ago.

It just so happens that Johanne had been thinking she wanted to do something that would both be beneficial for her neighbors while also getting her out of the house more. Volunteering with the Kansas Food Bank seemed like the perfect marriage of the two.

“I’ve helped in other ways, but nothing that makes this big a difference for people,” she says.

Johanne retired from Pioneer Balloon Company after working there for more than 21 years. Even while working, she volunteered in various capacities, including for the local Humane Society and other animal care organizations.

After giving time at the Food Bank, Johanne says she has been surprised by the scale of the work. She says she feels like she’s giving back to her community even though she is not physically handing food to anyone.

“I’m in the background where the work really starts,” she says.

We want to send our warmest thanks to Johanne and all volunteers who give from the heart to ensure every neighbor has access to healthy food!


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