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You Inspire Pearl to Pay it Forward

Pearl says, “my family is most important to me,” as a proud smile spreads wide across her face.

Pearl and her husband, Jose, raised two sons and two daughters. Now the couple have 25 grandchildren and 15 greatgrandchildren. On top of that, Pearl, 70, is proud to be called ‘grandma’ by several young adults who she once cared for as children in her in-home daycare.

“I raised a whole bunch of kids,” she says with a wide grin.

Over the years, Pearl also worked as an interpreter and in other daycares and schools before starting her own in-home daycare and eventually retiring. Jose just retired this year after a long career in road operations in Wichita.

One of the couple’s sons had a bad back injury and is unable to work, so he lives with them along with his children. Thankfully, Pearl can visit Westside Good Neighbor Center Food Pantry in Wichita to pick up groceries for her household. A long-standing partner agency of the Kansas Food Bank, the pantry offers a client choice model where recipients can select items they need the most.

Pearl is not only grateful for your generosity, but she also has her eyes out for ways to pay your kindness forward by helping others in any way she can.

“People help me, and I will pass it on and help others,” she says.


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