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You Nourish Our Seniors

Dear Friend,

I hope you enjoy hearing the stories on the following pages. We have such amazing seniors who not only call Kansas home, but who regularly invest in the lives of other Kansans.

This time of year can be extra challenging for older adults. A limited, fixed income is difficult to stretch at almost any time of the year, especially while the cost of living remains high. But with utility bills escalating as cold weather forces us all to turn up the heat…people living on a fixed income can have a hard time keeping up.

Because friends like you care about our neighbors, the Kansas Food Bank is here to provide nutritious food when budgets are tight. Together, we can continue to ensure that our neighbors of all ages have consistent access to balanced meals.

Please take a moment to read about just a few of our neighbors, like Bradford, who were able to greet the new year with warm meals and full tables, thanks to your thoughtfulness.

Bradford, Pearl and Robert are all such wonderful testimonies of older adults who have poured their lives into making our communities so wonderful.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to provide comprehensive and compassionate hunger relief whenever and wherever it is needed. We are all so thankful for you!

Brian Walker


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