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You Put Healthy Food on Seniors’ Tables

Robert and his wife, Joyce, have enjoyed 50 years of marriage, raised eight children, and had successful careers. Now, in retirement, they’re spending time with their family and maintaining healthy diets thanks to friends like you.

“As seniors, you try to make ends meet with what they give you, but you can’t always,” Robert says.

Robert, 83, worked for the city of Wichita for more than 30 years, working both in the fire department and as a bus driver. Joyce worked for a local grocer for more than 22 years.

We recently met Robert on a visit to New Beginnings Food Pantry in Wichita, a partner agency of the Kansas Food Bank. The couple recently heard about the food pantry from a friend and Robert says this is their third visit. Many of the volunteers at New Beginnings are seniors who work hard to serve neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

“We come here to help supplement,” he says. “We can keep the bills paid, but when it comes to eating, it gets sketchy.”

Aside from arthritis in Robert’s hands and Joyce’s hips, the couple is in overall good health — something that is boosted by the nutritious food you help provide for them.

Robert also notes how timely your gifts are considering the current high cost of groceries — a true testament to your belief in treating “people how you want to be treated.”

This winter, your generosity is truly a beacon of hope for so many Kansas seniors — and neighbors of all ages. Thank you for taking hunger off the table.


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