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Inquire About Becoming a Bob Box Distributor

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Request More Bob Boxes

Click here to submit a reorder request online.  We will be in touch to confirm your order and delivery date.


Submit a Bob Box Distribution Tracking Form Online

For each bob box you distribute, we ask that you complete the Distribution Tracking Form attached to each box and return it to us.  The easiest way to get your form back to us is to submit it online.  You can also fax the completed form to us at (316) 265-9747, or mail the form (postage required).

If you have questions about the form, or need help submitting it online, please call us at (316) 265-FOOD.



Bob Box Agency Distribution Instructions

Bob Box is a barrier-free emergency / supplemental food program for Kansas Seniors.  It has been designed to be very easy for sometimes reluctant seniors to get a hand up when they need help, not a hand out.  The requirements to receive a box, and the process to distribute a box are very simple:

  • Bob Boxes are intended for food insecure Kansas Seniors.  There is no test or intake to determine eligibility, no forms for the client to fill out, and no proof of ID or residency required.  The only eligibility requirement is that the primary recipient be a senior citizen, roughly 65 or older, and that they have expressed a need for emergency or supplemental food assistance.
  • The distributing agency is responsible for safely storing Bob Boxes, being sure to keep Bob Box:
    • off of the floor
    • out of direct sunlight
    • inside where it’s cool and dry
    • away from chemicals and fumes
    • and generally, if you are comfortable, so is your Bob Box
  • The distributing agency is responsible for completing a Distribution Tracking Form for each Bob Box they hand out (see above).  The only information that we ask you to gather from the client is:
    • The number of people in the client’s household, in three age groups: Seniors, Adults, and Children
    • The ZIP code where the client’s household is located
    • and, whether or not this client has received a Bob Box before (to the best of your / their knowledge)


For More Information About Bob Box

Visit our Bob Box program page, or contact Debi Kreutzman.

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